What Does Your Team Do to Improve Daily?


Every morning at 8:11, on the dot, our team meets in the lab for a board meeting.  These meetings ensure that we all know the tasks that are on hand for the day, as well as who is responsible for them.  This helps us stay organized and keep our promise of a short queue time.  Our team is constantly tracking the amount of time it takes for a client’s product to go from our dock into testing.  This is a key performance indicator that we make a priority to keep short.  We take pride in our ability to keep this KPI low and hold it close as a sure differentiator between us and the competition. 

After every board meeting is complete, we then go into a short training.  The training exercises cover a large array of topics from the proper transit drop test techniques, to how to improve our peel strength test statistical analysis.  The training speaks to the dedication our team has to improve processes and uphold quality.  We always take our clients feedback into account and make it our priority to ensure optimal speed and results. 

These training meetings have also been used as a team building exercise.  For example, our marketing department has participated in many of the high-level engineering training to help bridge the gap between the creative and technical minds. 

What does your team do to improve your daily processes?

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