The Curious Case of Open Seals

PCL is a leader in medical packaging engineering & testing due in large part to our experience working with a wide range of products and materials.  We enjoy the opportunity of seeing what passes and what doesn’t, and using that information to help future clients with root cause analysis and design improvement.  Recently we encountered a curious case of open seals with a failure mode not before seen at the lab.  Though it was a challenging endeavor, we learned and grew from the investigation and were ultimately successful in identifying and recreating the root cause. 

PCL CASE STUDY: Root Cause Analysis of Post Transit Integrity Failures

PCL was contracted by a client for root cause analysis of post-transit integrity failures.  To determine the cause of the failures, a transit feasibility study was run with visual inspection after each schedule of transit conditioning.  Based on the results of the inspections, it was determined that drops (rather than compression or vibration) were causing seals to rupture.

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