Kaizen Event: Accelerated Aging (ASTM F1980)

Sarah Rosenblum June 10 No Comments


This morning our team got together for a Kaizen Blitz.  During this time, we took an in-depth look at our Accelerated Aging test and process.  By completely mapping out this process we can locate inefficiencies and improve our performance to be faster and more accurate.  The PCL team is dedicated to consistently looking for areas of improvement.  In addition to this Accelerated Aging focus, we have also evaluated our Transit testing system this quarter, therefore optimizing our ASTM D4169 and ISTA Series 2A & 3A testing.


During this Blitz, we identified all individual steps in our Accelerated Aging process.  This mapping increased our quality management system and solidified our top notch quality checks.  Today we added three additional quality checks,  elected an Accelerated Aging czar (Alex Thoits, Packaging Engineer), and improved our electronic management systems. These events help our team better serve our clients in the best way possible.  With this dedication to quality, our clients can always be assured that their studies are completely efficiently and correctly.  We have been able to offer our clients a "queue" time of 24 hours.  This means that when our client's products land on our docks, we promise to have it into testing within a day!  This speed is a key unique factor that our clients benefit from.  The faster your product can get into testing, the faster your can speed your device to market! 

Ryan Ott, Senior Packaging Engineer, collaboratively breaks down all the steps to our Accelerated Aging process.


Our queue time and quality management system are benefits that our clients experience every day.  We can be a resource for your team from first design steps to cost improvement.  Let's talk about your needs and help speed your product to market!

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