Is innovation in the air?


Last week our team attended the HealthPack conference in New Orleans. With nearly 300 attendees and engaging technical discussions, it was evident that innovation in the industry is coming!

The main innovation detailed was a presentation given about ASTM D4169 (Shipping container and systems tests). This standard test method will potentially experience changes in the assurance levels, including a transition to one standardized level for all testing, and an elimination of concentrated impact testing.

The current standards of seal strength testing were challenged by keynote speaker Geoff Pavey from Oliver-Tolas. He sparked interesting discussion by disputing the industries "rule of thumb" of a 1 lb. minimum for seal strength testing.

Another compelling keynote speaker was Brian Farison of Ethicon Endo-Surgery. After recently publishing our own Best Practices eBook, it was very interesting to listen to Farison educate on the best practices for test method validation statistics and methodologies. It was particularly exciting to find that a Healthcare Packaging study revealed that outsourcing testing/consulting is becoming the new norm.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at the 2016 HealthPack conference in New Orleans. We look forward to attending the 2017 conference in Denver, Colorado!

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