Growing Our Lab, Shrinking Our Lead Times Even MORE

Sarah Rosenblum May 18 No Comments

In late 2016, we took a break from solving all the world’s problems and focused on one of our own – we were running out of space.  After 18 months in our current location, we had added enough equipment and team members to fill our test and office spaces.  While many would describe this growth as a good problem to have, it was still something that needed to be addressed. As luck would have it, the neighboring suite in our building became available in December and didn’t hesitate for a second to stake our claim on it. Shortly after the New Year, we knocked down some walls and began the expansion process. The footprint of our space doubled in size including the laboratory and office area.

To be sure we were using our new space as efficiently as possible, we held a 3P event to determine the best equipment layout and flow for test samples.  To be as efficient as possible, the team determined that the environmental conditioning chambers and transit equipment (drop testers, compression testers, vacuum chamber and vibration tables) would all be housed together in the new side of the warehouse.  Grouping our equipment in this manner allowed for proper flow of materials from environmental preconditioning in to transit simulation.

We wasted no time rearranging the warehouse and testing spaces to increase efficiency and to provide a more logical flow for test samples.  We relocated our environmental conditioning chambers to the new side of the building and had two new Darwin walk-in aging chambers constructed in their previous location.  In addition to the new aging chambers, we also acquired several new pieces of transit testing equipment, including a brand-new MTS Vibration Table.  Nothing but the best for our clients and their test samples…

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