Gemba Walk: Taking Strides Towards Maximum Efficiency



This week our team participated in a Gemba Walk.  Gemba Walks are a lean principle driven event, intended to identify wasteful activities that occur within day-to-day tasks.  The idea is to stand back, walk the floor, and evaluate each daily activity through a lean manufacturing lens. 

During these walks, we complete activities such as:

  • Identifying existing safety hazards
  • Observing machinery and equipment conditions
  • Discussing ASTM and ISTA standards such as ASTM D4169, ISTA 2A, and ASTM F1980
  • Identifying process improvement opportunities
  • Strategizing and implementing quality system improvement opportunities
  • Planning for adding new test methods
  • Evaluating current lab space
  • Forecasting floor space growth opportunities

These all help us gain knowledge about the work status and daily processes, while building relationships with each other to better communicate daily.  The main objective behind these activities is to streamline our bottleneck to ensure that when a client’s product lands on our dock, we can get it into testing quickly.  To ensure this key performance, we monitor our system intensely and act upon the current capacities of the lab to expand them to our client’s needs.  Overall our team is dedicated to efficiency, accuracy, and speed.  We want to help our clients speed to market with confidence, and we do this by ensuring our system is impeccable.


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