GR Business Journal Highlights PCL's Success

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The Grand Rapids Business Journal published an article in the June 26th edition detailing some of the recent success that PCL has had as we continue to grow!  Check it out at the article here:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Trends

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The rise in the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry has been increasing over the past few years. In 2015, revenue from pharmaceuticals and medical devices reached $1.1 trillion and $350 billion, respectively. This increase in global demand is due to a jump in the use of pharmaceutical and medical devices, the rising middle class, and an aging population. By 2020, the population of those 65+ will surpass the number of children under five years old.

Turnkey Design Validation?  Yes We Can!

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Our customers have spoken, and PCL listened. 

Best Practices for On Boarding a New Sealer

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At PCL, we routinely specify, purchase, install and validate medical pouch sealers of all technologies and brands.  These activities are either performed at the client’s manufacturing facility where we roll up our sleeves, get our hands greasy, install the sealer, and then train the local engineering team how to use it.  Or we temporarily install sealers in our lab for initial de-bugging and optimization before sending them to our client for permanent installation.  We have learned a lot through these experiences and want to share some best practices that may be helpful on your next project. 

Growing Our Lab, Shrinking Our Lead Times Even MORE

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In late 2016, we took a break from solving all the world’s problems and focused on one of our own – we were running out of space.  After 18 months in our current location, we had added enough equipment and team members to fill our test and office spaces.  While many would describe this growth as a good problem to have, it was still something that needed to be addressed. As luck would have it, the neighboring suite in our building became available in December and didn’t hesitate for a second to stake our claim on it. Shortly after the New Year, we knocked down some walls and began the expansion process. The footprint of our space doubled in size including the laboratory and office area.

3 Tips to Successful Marketing in the Medical Device Realm

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Since diving into the medical device realm, a little over a year ago, I have found one clear fact—The medical device market is information driven, making it relatively immune to Facebook, Twitter, or other modern day tactics. Having personally come from a consumer product marketing background filled with hashtags, Twitter parties, and Facebook live feeds, this change was drastic and confusing to me at first. Since the head first plunge, it has been interesting to evaluate where the “buzz” comes from in this industry. Here are some personal observations and tips I’ve learned along the way…

FDA Feedback on Packaging

Those of us who have spent a career in healthcare packaging know all too well the sentiment of “it’s just packaging” or “just put it in a pouch and box” without a deeper appreciation for FDA’s expectations on packaging development and validation.  It’s not until the dreaded response from FDA comes back, filled with challenging comments about packaging, is it truly realized how technically complex a packaging project can be.  Many of our clients engage with us at this critical juncture.  We work with our clients to develop a sound path forward and help to accelerate the process of getting their products to market.

What Is The Best Temperature For Accelerated Aging (ASTM F1980) My Product?

This is a common question we are asked by clients that doesn't always have a right or wrong answer. The benefits of aging your product at a higher temperature is that it simulates the aging interval faster, but it has risks to different products.   Everyone wants to age their products at the highest possible temperature that they can, to pull the lead times in as much as possible, but there are risks and trade offs to that. We have had clients age their products at two separate temperatures for the same aging interval, that way they are able to pull their timeline in if the higher temperature products are able to pass the integrity testing.

If There's A Problem, Yo We'll Solve It!

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PCL was recently hired by a client to conduct a transit study per ASTM D4169 on a newly developed product line.  After the “shake rattle and roll” was complete, samples were brought into our controlled environment room and subjected to tests including visual inspection (ASTM F1886), bubble leak testing (ASTM F2096) and seal strength testing (ASTM F88).

Looking to Nerd Out on ISO 11607? Check Out Our New eGuide!

ISO 11607 can be difficult to read, to say the least!  Aside from being lengthy, the details can be very dry leading people to skim through and miss key details.  This is the reason we have put together the 3 Pillars to Packaging Validation : Your Guide to Understanding ISO 11607.  The guide is aimed to be a cliff notes version summarizing the key points and highlighting the often missed points within ISO 11607: 2006. Check it out by clicking the button below.

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