Are Robots The Future for Packaging Validation?


Yesterday our team joined IoPP members on a tour of Praxis Packaging Solutions.  The tour began with an interesting talk on serialization in the pharmaceutical industry.   The speaker brought up interesting points regarding traceability of drugs within the market.  It was shocking to find out that the counterfeit pharma market is a 75-billion-dollar industry.  Serialization is making strives to eliminate this counterfeit issue and protect the everyday consumer of these products.  The labeling efforts behind this battle with the counterfeit industry brings into light UDI compliance.  Our team deals with UDI compliance daily, and works to ensure that barcode verification and grading is a common practice for all medical device and pharma companies. 

IMG_2045.jpgFollowing the discussion on serialization, our team was fully emerged into the Praxis Packaging plant and got hands on with some of their processes.  One of the stand outs of the tour was the use of robots.  With the help of robots Sawyer and Baxter, Praxis can add increased efficiency and accuracy to their daily packaging lines.  These robots can lift up to 10 pounds and preform programmed actions. 

The robots take less than 5 minutes to “teach” and are simply instructed by moving it through the action you want it to perform.  It is almost as easy as teaching a kid to swing a bat for the first time.  As we played with the robots, it was incredible to see how these machines will begin phasing into processes and help companies accomplish tasks.  These extra sets of hands have proved to be very resourceful for Praxis.  Baxter and Sawyer got us thinking about an extra set of hands for Bubble Leak testing—If only they could get wet! 

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