Looking to Nerd Out on ISO 11607? Check Out Our New eGuide!

ISO 11607 can be difficult to read, to say the least!  Aside from being lengthy, the details can be very dry leading people to skim through and miss key details.  This is the reason we have put together the 3 Pillars to Packaging Validation : Your Guide to Understanding ISO 11607.  The guide is aimed to be a cliff notes version summarizing the key points and highlighting the often missed points within ISO 11607: 2006. Check it out by clicking the button below.

What is the preferred method of integrity testing post aging or transit?

It depends on what you are testing for integrity.

We are Sending The Best to MD&M West!

Matt Lapham, our President, and Sarah Rosenblum, our Marketing Manager, will be at the MD&M West conference in Anaheim, California from Tuesday to Thursday this week.  They are looking forward to connecting with our clients and friends from all over the country that come to attend the show.  If you are interested in meeting up with Matt or Sarah at the conference please email srosenblum@pkgcompliance.com or call/text 616-426-2893. They hope to see you out in sunny California! 

Three Cheers For 3P!

Packaging Compliance Labs is committed to maintaining short lead times and quick turnaround for all projects, no matter how big or small. 

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