3 Tips to Successful Marketing in the Medical Device Realm

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Sarah Rosenblum May 3 No Comments

Since diving into the medical device realm, a little over a year ago, I have found one clear fact—The medical device market is information driven, making it relatively immune to Facebook, Twitter, or other modern day tactics. Having personally come from a consumer product marketing background filled with hashtags, Twitter parties, and Facebook live feeds, this change was drastic and confusing to me at first. Since the head first plunge, it has been interesting to evaluate where the “buzz” comes from in this industry. Here are some personal observations and tips I’ve learned along the way…

1.      Content is KING

In an industry where technical advances are the major headlines, becoming a thought provoker can be your best tactic. Blogging can help gain traction not only to your company’s website but also to your brand. Whether you are a medical device startup company or a giant in the industry, both sides have trends and innovations they see every day—why not share them? It could start up a valuable conversation. 

2.      This industry can be SMALL—Network, Network, Network.

Although the medical device industry is estimated to reach 360.8-billion-dollars by 2017, attend a few trade shows and you will see many of the same faces repeatedly (Administration, 2016). This industry keeps its people—Sure, they may switch jobs or companies, but typically they all stay in the industry, therefore never discount a connection. They may not be valuable to you today, but in a year, they could switch to your perfect target company! It is very important to get to know these faces in the industry and begin developing relationships. After all, a lot can be the classic, “whom you know, not what you know.”

3.      Get CREATIVE

Who says the medical device industry can’t have a little fun? While a medical device is often a very serious topic with intense regulation, potential deadly consequence, and lifesaving innovation, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and fun! Personally, I believe vlogging (video blogging) to be the way of the future in this industry. I see great potential for video applications from webinars with real-time conversation, to demonstrations, to insider looks at the development of a medical device. Video can also be a great medium to show the humans behind the devices. There are some great, intelligent, and hardworking people behind every medical device—Why not showcase this talent with some casual interviews or fun culture videos?

These are just a few pin points I have identified since I’ve left the Twitter parties for technical eBooks and trade shows. What are some tactics that have worked for you? 

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