TPS Saves the Day -- and the Dollar

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TPS Report

No, we do not have a Bill Lumberg from the movie Office Space, but Packaging Compliance Labs does use a Test Parameter Sheet (TPS report for short) with every testing project.

What is TPS?

The TPS document is just one quality checkpoint that Packaging Compliance Labs employs. TPS ensures that we are on the same page as our clients for packaging validation expectations. Making sure you’re your protocols match the tests performed by your testing lab is critical when you are structuring a final packaging validation.

We know of more than one occasion when the TPS process has identified something easily overlooked, or revealed a project specific change that was necessary for proper validation. One of the biggest values Packaging Compliance Labs brings to the table is extra checks and balances, along with incredibly personal attention to detail for every matter.

Example Test Parameter Sheet Elements

  1. Standard that the test will conform to (ASTM, ISTA, TAPPI)
  2. Critical test parameters (i.e., accelerated aging, temperature, relative humidity)
  3. Flow Chart for Samples (see photo below)
  4. Detailed description of events to be applied to samples (i.e. Schedule C compression test with mixed load shipping simulation factors)
    • Provide observations and photos after compression
    • Schedule “E” (random vibration) will follow the truck profile
    • Schedule “I” (low pressure) is omitted due to porous packaging materials
    • Schedule “J” (concentrated impact) will be performed as one impact per box face (six faces per box) as close to the geometric center of the face as possible. The location of the impact will be adjusted to avoid hitting label copy, if possible.

How to Get Your Testing Started

  1. Request a quote from Packaging Compliance Labs. Provide the basic elements of the test (tests performed, quantities, parameters and other specific requirements)
  2. We will issue you a quote based on your requested criteria
  3. Once we finalize the criteria details and you approve, you issue a purchase order
  4. We analyze your requirements and create a complete Test Parameter Sheet for your review and approval
  5. Upon your sign-off, let the testing begin.

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