Continuous Improvement 5S

Mlapham June 18 1 Comments

May 2015 was a huge milestone for PCL: we moved into our new lab space. We invited our families and friends to give feedback with tours and demos. After the cake was gone and the balloons deflated, we high-fived our official adoption of a continuous improvement initiative: implementation of a 5S system to reduce waste and ensure pristine organization of future studies. As our chambers fill and new chambers continue to arrive to take their neatly marked spaces on our floors, we know you'll appreciate the benefits of 5S.

What’s in it for you

  • Reduced project costs
  • Reduced lead times to begin testing
  • Faster reporting turnaround times
  • Improved quality
  • Clear, consistent expectations and reliability

Check out some photos from the 5S system implementation in the new lab.

IMG_0038 5S planning

IMG_0334 5S final stages

IMG_0074 5S system getting under way

IMG_0073 5S under way in controlled environment room

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