Chamber Talk: Turn up the heat

Mlapham May 14 No Comments

Many of you are probably familiar with IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification). At PCL we’re known for wanting to buy more cool toys…I mean high tech equipment for our lab. We admittedly get a little geeked up to do more testing. You probably feel the same way about getting your packaging tested, right? Right. Since we're all in it together, and we are getting a lot of new equipment these days, we thought we’d share just what goes on when we add a new chamber to the fleet.

Chamber Mapping Mania

Chamber mapping is one of the key elements of an OQ and PQ of a new unit at PCL. Mapping serves several functions for us and our clients but here are some highlights:

Mapping gives us confidence that:

  • The unit’s temperature and relative humidity are working properly
  • The unit can perform to its greatest extremes (we love testing to extremes)
  • Temp and humidity are consistent throughout the chamber
  • Data will not be skewed from a full chamber compared to an empty chamber

Check out some photos from our last chamber mapping activity. This is a new walk-in unit for our accelerated aging testing program. This unit can go up to 60C (140F). After taking turns walking into the unit, we can personally attest to the fact that the unit quickly got up to temp. Do not try this at home.





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